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Nicole Otis
Nicole is a Licensed Marriage of Family Therapist and earned her Masters of Art degree with Argosy University in Eagan, MN. Nicole specializes in helping with pornography and sexual addictions and betrayal trauma, as well as helping couples overcome the damages of addiction. She is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and has a passion to assist others in reaching their goals, and helping individuals and couples reach their full potential. 

Previously, Nicole has worked with Catholic Charities IOP Day Treatment Program and Young Learners Program as a family therapist, as well as a Mental Health Facilitator for District 742. She has served children ages 3-18 years, adults, families, couples, and marriages. She has experience in facilitating a 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program group for all types of addiction including alcohol, pornography, narcotics, and eating issues. Nicole assists others using multiple methods including task-oriented approach, dream interpretation, experiential, cognitive, familial system and strength based treatments.
Hunter Otis
CTACC, Recovering Addict
Hunter is a certified and trained mentor coach, with a background in management, sales, and personal training. Hunter has a strong passion for helping people, but throughout his professional life was weighed down by addiction and trauma's of the past. Struggling to cope, Hunter's addiction was eventually exposed, and through relapse after relapse, he had to discover how to free himself and his family from the damage it was causing.

Through many hours of receiving his own specialized therapy, coaching, professional education, and personal implementation and discovery, Hunter now specializes in helping sex/porn addicts also get onto the path of true recovery. Hunter also works with betrayed partners to help them gain greater understanding of how this addiction works, establish boundaries around their partners addiction, and obtain the necessary skills needed to heal from the betrayal and no longer allow the addiction to run their lives. 
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