Tired of an unwanted "pxrn" habit ruling your life?

Pxrn Free is a community dedicated to liberating men from unwanted porn habits, so they can create the Life, Relationships, and Businesses they've always wanted.

Our philosophy

Overcoming a compulsive porn habit doesn't need to be complicated.

Often times men try to control this behavior with filters, accountability, will power, 12 step groups, therapy, prayer, and other tactics... only to keep coming back time and time again.

Much of the effort towards quitting is driven by shame and negative beliefs, which is what Drives you to look at porn in the first place! No wonder it doesn't work!

As a result... Many men succumb to a belief that they'll just be stuck with this the rest of their lives...

But that couldn't be further from the truth!

We have proven that with the right skill set, ANYONE can overcome a compulsive porn habit, AND create their ideal life in the process.

You do not have a permanent brain disease. You are not powerless. You can change. Your relationships can heal. You can reclaim your creative power. You can create your ideal life.

And we can teach you how.

Our Four Pillar Approach

1. Shame Free Commitment

Kick your shame based motivations to the curb! We help you craft a compelling and powerful reason to stop that will keep you getting back up... Even when you make mistakes!

2. Build Resilience

Become a master of your emotions and learn how to change your state from overwhelmed to empowered in moments, so that you can face down ALL of life's challenges with confidence and integrity.

3. Recondition The Brain

Fear the urge NO MORE! Learn how to handle every urge and use them as your secret weapon to rewire your brain to the point where you no longer want porn!

It's Science, and it works.

4. Create Your New Life

You are what you believe. Create and install a powerful internal blueprint that will empower you to create your ideal life. Learn how to channel your creative power into your relationships, business, and more!

About me:

Hey Hunter Otis here! I've been helping men overcome their porn habits and reclaim their lives since 2017. I personally suffered with this issue for years, and literally tried everything to quit... From 12 step, internet blockers, to inpatient treatment...

You name it, I've tried it.

I failed time and time again until I discovered (through painful experience) what I now share with men all over the world.

So many other methods and models are simply not helpful... And it's my mission to simplify the process and empower as many men as I possibly can to become porn free for life.

What is porn stopping you from doing in your life? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What kind of relationships do you want to have? What do you long to create?

Let's get the porn out of the way, and move forward, together.

What our clients are saying:

Meet Justin H. from Idaho, USA

"I want you to see the transformation I've had in just a matter of months… If you would have seen me two months ago I was angry, frustrated, anxious, frightened, withdrawn, depressed and well, look at every negative emotion or feeling, and that was me. I was a total mess! My marriage was a total mess. Following this program really works. Seriously guys… It really works if you will only give it a chance."

- Justin H.

“Since I joined BPF in August, I committed to stop watching porn… Here I am, no more porn… Haven’t looked again, not even once.”

- Raul C.

“If you are seriously wanting to rewire and change your porn habit for good I can’t urge you enough the amount of hope and personalized coaching that comes from committing to this program. Working with Hunter has helped me to dig down and learn and grow from mistakes and use them as stepping stones. I now follow through on my plans, and am able to handle the urges that come my way and choose what I want instead of going on autopilot.”

- Stephen C.

“I started working with Hunter in 2017 when my porn problem was discovered. Shortly after, my use of prostitution came out, and my marriage was on the brink… I remember calling Hunter after midnight in total panic, thinking it was over. But, he helped us through it all. Here we are years later, still married, happier than ever, with 2 beautiful children that have since joined us.”

- Justin K.

Want to become porn free for life?